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Toniebox figure from Vivace


Contains 13 songs in Italian, specially recorded and arranged for Vivace:

- Billo, il cane

- Auguri di buon Natale

- Canzone del concerto

- Banana, cocco, baobab

- Pesciolino del mar

- Chi ha mangiato il becco dell´anatra?

- Il cowboy Piero

- La macchina del capo

- Darandandero

- Jack sta in cucina con Tina

- La nave baleniera

- Un austriaco felice

- Siamo andati alla caccia del leon

Price: 22 Euro

Course books in Italian


Each book contains several cards (made of tear-resistant and water-repellent material) that can be cut out and used at home for musical activities.


From the foreword: "...An attempt has been made to create a book that can fulfil several needs:


1) that of the children, in that it contains drawings to colour in, the materials used in class, but also the stories about what they have learned in class;


2) those of the parents, by collecting the entire course, including audio and video materials;


3) from other teachers who want to better understand the nature of the work done.


Therefore, the book can be used as a colouring book or for crafts; as a souvenir and review of the work done; as a book to read; as a starting point for musical activities for other teachers..."


The books have different contents, with the red booklet focussing on the introduction of different musical instruments, while the blue booklet contains the lyrics of various children's songs.


Price: 20 euros per book

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