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Services for kindergartens and schools


Vivace organises music courses for children in German or Italian directly in kindergartens or schools, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

The music courses take place once a week on a day and at a time agreed in advance with the host structure and comprise 10 lessons of 45 minutes each. 

The recommended age for kindergartens is 3-6 years.

The recommended age for schools is 6-10 years.

Groups may consist of a maximum of 10 children.

Depending on the number of participants, the price per child per course is 120-150 euros.


For more information, write to


Vivace organises music workshops directly in kindergartens or schools.

The workshops take place in the morning, per group of up to 10 children.

The workshops can be held in German and Italian.

The following workshops are currently available:

- Kindergartens:


1) Discovering special musical instruments, part 1: in collaboration with Maestro Massimo Cialfi.

In this workshop, the children have the opportunity to get to know, see and try out musical instruments of the highest craftsmanship such as the button accordion, the Calabrian lyre or the hurdy-gurdy.



Recommended age: 3-6 years

Cost: 10 euros per child

Duration: 45 minutes


2) Discover special musical instruments, part 2: with the participation of Maestro Massimo Cialfi.

In this second part of the workshop, the children will be familiarised with wind instruments such as horns from different parts of Europe.



Recommended age: 3-6 years

Cost: 10 euros per child

Duration: 45 minutes


3) Body-percussion

In this workshop, through games and songs, children will have the opportunity to have fun and learn through body percussion, a way of teaching music that combines movement and rhythm.



Recommended age: 3-6 years

Cost: 8 euros per child

Duration: 45 minutes


4) Making music and moving with young children

With children between 1.5 and 3 years old, it will be possible to experiment with rhythms and games that combine listening to music and movement. There will also be the opportunity to learn new fun songs.



Recommended age: 1.5-3 years

Cost: 8 euros per child

Duration: 30-35 minutes


For more information, write to

- Schools:

1) Musical instruments in the folk tradition

Various musical instruments of the folk music tradition from different cultures are presented: from the Middle East, Italy and France.

Songs from different traditional repertoires will be performed.



Age: 1-2 classes 

Cost: 5 euros per child

Duration: 50-60 minutes


2) Musical journey through space and time

By listening to different instruments, a journey between antiquity and modernity is proposed, referring to different geographical areas (Middle East, Spain, Italy and France).

The live musical examples will be accompanied by a PowerPoint projection briefly describing the origins, history and common characteristics of the different instruments and musical styles.



Age: 3-4 classes 

Cost: 6 euros per child

Duration: 60-70 minutes

Personalised guides through the House of Music

Vivace organises individual guided tours of the House of Music for kindergartens and schools.


The recommended age for kindergartens is 3-6 years, for schools 6-10 years. 

Each group consists of 10-12 children.

The tour lasts 45 minutes, after which the groups can stay in the museum, look around or explore certain areas.


Depending on the age and interests of the children, the visit can be customised by deciding which parts of the museum to visit (fun installations, historical area, scientific area, ...).

The Vivace service includes organising the tour itself with the museum management, reducing waiting times at the ticket offices, emails with practical information about the museum and the visit, and emails to follow up on the visit (e.g. suggestions for music or games for the children inspired by the visit).


The presence of at least one accompanying person from the kindergarten or school is required.

The price per child, including admission ticket, is 12 euros.

Admission for accompanying persons is free of charge.

It is possible to book the visit in German or Italian.

Previous or active cooperation with kindergartens, schools and institutions 

Società Dante Alighieri (

- Comites Austria (

Germinis (

- Kindergruppe Girasole (

- Kindergarten Schmetterling (

- Kindergarten Miteinander wachsen (

- Kindergarten Sindbad (



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